How much do they cost?

Before you move forward and decide to purchase a Krampus mask, know that these masks are one of a kind, hand carved, painted and not mass produced. They are durable works of art and should be considered an investment that will appreciate in value.  They average anywhere from 700-900 eu. And you can drop the costs according to adding fake horns instead of real horns, a mane or no mane, buying a used mask vs a new one etc..

And if you cannot afford this- be creative! Find a business or other establishment that will sponsor you and purchase the mask for you to wear. The Krampus tradition is getting very popular and many businesses would be more than happy to get advertising and media coverage through having they’re very own Krampus!

If you are looking for a Krampus mask that’s authentic with attention that’s paid to every detail and a Krampus mask stands out and fits like a glove, this is the Krampus mask for you. We are 100% satisfied with Christan Eberharter’s Krampus Masks and we will be buying more! We stand by Christian 100%!

What kind of Wood is used to carve a Krampus Mask?  

The wood used to make the Krampus masks is directly originating from the Tyrolean mountains. The wood is Swiss Pine

How do they fit?

After being custom fit to an individual’s specs, there is a cushioned strap (it’s like a ski boot strap) that securely fits the Krampus mask to the wearers head on the inside of the Krampus mask. The result is a custom fit mask that is durable and secure. The inside is lined with leather and/or foam (according to your head size and shape) for a snug fit!

What materials are used?

Pine wood, acrylic paint, a mane, artificial or real horns (real horns are not recommended), cloth and leather for a comfortable fit and glass eyes.

What tools are used to carve a Krampus mask?

A chainsaw, various carving knives, a hammer and a brush.

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Can I custom Order Krampus Masks?

Custom orders are possible and creative ideas are welcome!