Who we are

Who we are

Krampus Masks is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Krampus fans purchase authentic Krampus masks from traditional Krampus mask makers in Austria.

In 2012-2013 We discovered Krampus fans were having difficulty purchasing authentic Krampus Masks from traditional Krampus mask makers in Austria. The language Barrier was preventing mask makers and mask buyers from efficiently communicating with one another to buy/sell authentic Krampus masks to each other. We aimed to solve this problem.

We received funding, hired a translator and went on a mission and purchased a variety of Krampus masks from various Krampus mask makers in Austria- and it was a very expensive learning process! Through trial and error we found the Krampus mask maker we were 100% satisfied with was Christian Eberharter of gossa-lorvn.com.

Krampusmasks.com has teamed up with Christian Eberharter to make it possible for anyone who wants to purchase or commission the building of an authentic Krampus mask- and do so successfully and reliably!

We collaborated with Christian because of his traditional methods, high quality wood carved masks, his attention to detail, and method of making a secure and comfortable custom fit mask! We stand by Christian 100%! His work is reliable, durable, on time and incredible!

Our first purchase!

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